There are many different things that are important to graduates when they choose their first employer… career progression, salary, office location, but one of the factors graduates tell us they care about is how ethical their employer is – perhaps through the mission of the company, the sustainability of their supply chains or the equal opportunities they provide to candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

When each graduate completes a review of their company, they tell us how ethical they perceive their employers to be. We’ve compiled the results for 2015 and the three organisations with the highest ratings for Ethics are…

1. Innocent Drinks (4.83/5)

2. Cancer Research UK (4.79/5)

3. Microsoft (4.71/5)

So what’s it like to work for one of these companies? Let’s take a look at some of the latest data from graduate reviews:

Employer Enjoyment           Career Progression Company Culture  
Innocent Drinks 4.3 3.6 4.9
Cancer Research UK 4.0 3.5 4.4
Microsoft 4.5 4.5 4.8

We’ve also asked graduates what are the best and worst things about working for their employers…

1. What are the best and worst things about working for Innocent Drinks?

‘Great atmosphere in the office. Everyone is nice and helpful. People work very hard but also know how to have good breaks. People live by innocent values.’
Commercial assistant, Commercial at Innocent Drinks
‘There is a great culture at innocent and a very supportive environment in which to develop your career with lots of opportunities across the business. Working in supply chain is non-stop; you will be thrown straight in and it can be over-whelming to begin with. If you enjoy the fast pace of the work you’ll flourish but it isn’t for everyone.’
Graduate, at Innocent Drinks
‘The best thing about working at Innocent is the culture and the people. Innocent really care about making sure that their employees enjoy coming to work. Originally being a startup the values of the company mean that you are always open to be entrepreneurial in your work. Feedback culture is also very big so you can always voice concerns and right up to top level they will be listened to.’
Regional Development Executive, UK at Innocent Drinks

2. What are the best and worst things about working for Cancer Research UK?

‘The people are fantastic, hugely driven and passionate about making a real and meaningful change to society. The most challenging aspect is the size of the organisation itself. There is so much going on at once it can be hard to keep up.’
Senior Digital Executive, Digital at Cancer Research UK
‘Great working environment and inspirational work. The organisation is receptive to my needs as a grad and my own interests for my professional development. I feel like the graduate experience I am receiving is unique to my own skill set and focus areas.’
Graduate, at Cancer Research UK
‘People I work with- varied, interesting and friendly. Great office and location. Open place space helps to forge better relationships and communication. Risk adverse organistion. Lots of bureaucracy, meetings, paper work etc.’
Graduate Trainee, Fundraising and Marketing at Cancer Research UK

3. What are the best and worst things about working for Microsoft?

‘Great community spirit and everyone is more than happy to help you succeed. Especially as new graduate recruits, there is a lot of support and guidance to help us achieve our best. Great work/life balance.’
Associate Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services at Microsoft
‘Great people to work with, fantastic support within Microsoft UK and Globally, also I am part of the graduate programme that provides fantastic training and support. It is also a great place to work as everyday is so different and its such and innovative fast paced company. It’s a great place to work therefore sometimes it is easy to work too much.’
Account Executive, Enterprise Partner Group – Retail Comms and Media at Microsoft
‘It is a great place to work, the people that work here are fantastic to work with and the office always has a good atmosphere, It is a really fast paced company therefore everything is always changing, providing new challenges everyday. The support that is provided to do your job is also perfect and there is always someone to help if needed. The career progression provides a lot of opportunities, and as it is a large organisation you can really broaden your skills learnt from others. When you first start it is easy to feel like there is a lot to learn, but the support to do this is fantastic.’
Account Executive, Retail Comms and Media at Microsoft

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