TPP is a leading IT company, dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare software through four products; SystmOne, SystmOnline, SystmInsight and SystmConnect. They are known for their outstanding achievements across the NHS, with over 5,000 organisations across the country using SystmOne. These include GP practices, hospitals, mental health trusts, and social care services. 

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as the top company to work for (larger intake), TPP has grown consistently to around 200 staff and offers it’s employees a range of benefits. With an overall rating in 2016/2017 of 4.5/5, this year TPP score particularly high for benefits (4.9/5), international opportunities (4.8/5) and salary (4.7/5). 


1. The Best and Worst things about working for TPP

Best: The people and support you get is excellent. The flat hierarchy means everyone is working together rather than against each other. Everyone helps each other meaning everyone leaves work at the same time.

Worst: Sometimes there is a lot of pressure and delivering difficult messages to customers can be difficult, but it’s all part of the job.

IT Account Manager at TPP


Best: Real responsibility from day one. Amazing opportunities. Everyday is different. Interesting. International/national travel. Great benefits. Fantastic pay. Regular pay reviews. Nice people.

Worst: Stressful at times, but that is something that comes with responsibility so it’s not a proper negative.

Account Manager at TPP


Best: The freedom to do things without having to go through red tape. If I see something that’s wrong I can just fix it – I don’t have to submit a ticket to another team to get them to do some/all of the work. The variety of the role. Being able to do both the coding and database sides of development, as well as maintenance. The benefits. Pub Fridays, Bacon sandwiches, regular parties, annual course allowance (the past 2 years this has been a sailing course in the Caribbean). Leaving work on time. Very rarely required to work late or on weekends.

Worst: Out of hours disruptions. We are required to be contactable at all times in case of an emergency.

Software Developer at TPP


2. Average Working Hours


8.00AM – 5.00PM


3. Average Graduate Salary


£28,000 – £30,000


4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: We are simply looking for people who can think and learn quickly and who can work in a team – importantly, you must be open to receiving help as much as giving it.

Interview Advice: Get to an answer quickly, although it might be wrong – “fail fast” – and explain what you’re thinking, then listen to your interviewers and take in their advice in order to iron out your errors.

Software Developer at TPP


Application Advice:  Make sure you are applying for the role that is going to suit you best.

Interview Advice: Do your research on the company, make sure you know what TPP does.

IT Account Manager at TPP


Application Advice: Make sure to include your grades on your application! The application process is relatively simple (just a CV and cover letter) – which is one of the things that attracted me to TPP. There are no online tests or particular hoops to jump through.

Interview Advice:  Just be yourself and relax. At interview, we’re looking for bright, genuine individuals with a bit of a spark. We’re not looking for a series of clones or one particular characteristic. TPP really understand that it’s the people that make a business, and we’re committed to hiring great people.

Clinical Systems Analyst, at TPP


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