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Career: Geoscientist

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Graduate Environmental Engineer, Ground Risk and Remediation at WSP
Geoscientist, Reservoir Development at BP
Geoscientist, at BP
, at BP
Integrated geoscientist – Development & Production, at BP
Geoscience Graduate, Reservoir Development / North Sea at BP
Geologist – Siting and Research, Radioactive Waste Management at nucleargraduates
Graduate Consultant, Geotechnical at WSP
Graduate Geoscientist, E.ON Exploration & Production at E.ON
Graduate Management Trainee, Regulation at Anglian Water
Graduate GIS Consultant, Environment / GIS at AECOM Ltd
Field Marine Geophysicist, at Schlumberger
Geophysicist, at Schlumberger
Geosolutions Gephysicist, Marine seismic processing at Schlumberger
Geophysicist, Multi-component at Schlumberger
Seismic Engineer, Seismic at Schlumberger
Technical Geoscience Support Engineer, SIS at Schlumberger
Geophysicist, Seismic Processing and Petrotechnical Services at Schlumberger
Geosolutions Geophysicist, at Schlumberger
Research Scientist, Geophysics at Schlumberger
Infield Geophysicist, Seismic data processing at Schlumberger
Graduate Geophysicist, Northern Hubs at Centrica
, at BP
Intergrated Geoscientist, Reservoir Management at BP
Geophysicist, Geophysical Operations at BP
Geoscience Graduate, Reservoir Management at BP
Geoscientist, Exploration at BP
Water Resources Graduate Trainee, Water Resources at Anglian Water
Graduate Geo-Environmental Consultant, Land Restoration and Ground Engineering at WSP
Nuclear Regulator, Nuclear Regulation at nucleargraduates
Geophysicist, Seismic Imaging and Analysis at BP
Scientist, Geospatial Intelligence at DSTL
Geophysicist, Reservoir Management at BP
Petrophysicist, North Sea at BP
Geophysicist, at BP
Petrophysicist Challenger, at BP
Geophysicist, at BP
Geophysicist, Seismic Delivery at BP
Graduate Geoscientist, Upstream: Oil & Gas Exploration at Centrica
Geophysicist, Reservoir Management at BP
Geologist, North Africa at BP
Geologist, Petroleum Exploration at BP
Production Geoscientist, Angola Region at BP
Graduate Geoscientist, Well Planning at BP
Graduate Geoscientist, Exploration at Centrica

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