Earning potential, incentives and working environment.

Peninsula provides the most amazing training to prepare you to be the best you can be on the job

Brand reputation. Fringe benefits. Responsibilities. Real path to become a manager.


You will have some fantastic opportunities and experiences, and you'll meet some really great people.

Relaxed but focused atmosphere - work hard, play hard!

Unparalleled training in sales which is transferable to any industry or business function.


The people are all absolutely fantastic and the culture is amazing for both personal and professional development.

The best thing about my job is the opportunities for growth and learning, not only in my current role but in my future career.


Interesting and challenging work and a friendly working environment with good work/life balance.
Company culture is very warm and friendly, the training on offer is excellent and I have a great work-life balance. 


International environment, challenging & interesting job, motivated & highly-skilled colleagues.



The best thing about this job is the people you work with and completing a project with high quality and client satisfaction.

A very good level of responsibility from all parts of the business throughout the graduate programme and afterwards.


The offices are really nice and working with my team has been an incredible experience. 

Great company culture that is collaborative and proactive, and focused on getting the most out of employees…


Company culture is excellent. You can get lots of responsibility very early on. We work on meaningful and exciting improvements with our clients.

Career opportunities and pride of working for the organisation.

The work is interesting and challenging and the team is a pleasure to work with.

Interesting work, amazing people, great compensation, very favourable work/life balance for the industry.

Endless training and resources for growth, support for virtually any subject you want to delve deeper into, fantastic benefits, high salary, brilliant colleagues, I could go on forever.


 I truly feel invested in: the professional qualifications offered as standard are fantastic, and there is scope for optional ones.

Mapping and planning the exciting future of the company. Adjusting our plans to an ever changing market. 


There is a lot of scope for progression at Croda especially as a graduate. 

Good work life balance. Good colleagues and a good team working environment. 

Work is interesting and challenging, with the opportunity to have a significant impact early on.
Clear progression with pay rises, cars, job title changes to keep you motivated and on track.


Great working culture and flexible environment.
Great people, constant learning in a supportive but challenging environment.


Taylor Wessing has a great culture and gives trainees high levels of responsibility.

Really good levels of responsibility, working with individuals who are highly regarded in their field in a great working environment.

The way you are treated as an employee is excellent - better than anyone I've worked for before by a long way.


Endless opportunities to learn and progress.

Company culture is great - everyone from the top down is really approachable and always keen to impart wisdom. 

Interesting work, great colleagues, ability to get involved in projects.

The firm is innovative and exciting.
Great relaxed/flexible atmosphere in the office and working with great like minded people.



Lots of variety, high level of responsibility, opportunity to work with some really important, prestigious customers.

Great work/life balance, well paid and it's part of a booming transport sector.

Everyone is extremely friendly and has a great work ethic, you are given a lot of responsibility which challenges you resulting in highly enjoyable work.

Superb brand, excellent business, amazing opportunities to work in a fast-paced environment, offering cutting edge products and services at the top of its game.
Working with intelligent, talented and driven people, coupled with a clearly structured progression and diverse opportunities higher up.


Consistent work, challenges, good working relationships and support.


As a graduate you feel valued and are fully involved in shaping your own career. 


Interesting work, training opportunities, talented and collaborative colleagues.

Amazing company with a good reputation, good career progression and pay, interesting and varied work.

'The company is constantly growing which means there is a lot of opportunity to get experience in different areas.'


Great colleagues and office environment. Everyone is happy to help you at any time. 

Amazing networking opportunities and amazing benefits with the company.


Very tangible job satisfaction. At the end of the day you can see what you have achieved.


There are many good things about the scheme, benefits are often and generous and the graduate community is fantastic with excellent networking opportunities offered to us.


Very rewarding work. Things can change very quickly.
Great people to work with and there's a real emphasis placed on being a team and working together.


Amazing community of hard working and inspiring colleagues, work environment is very social and welcoming for questions, learning and feedback.


I love the flexible working and studying culture at E.ON


Level of responsibility, great culture, challenging role and opportunity to develop and progress.


The work is interesting and engaging, with many opportunities to learn; the BoE offers great benefits and work-life balance; the atmosphere is very supportive.



Fantastic work-life balance, enjoyable job which is challenging yet rewarding.


The job is really varied and provides great opportunities to expand your construction knowledge and develop your interpersonal skills. 

Positive working environment and colleagues. Great training and growth opportunities. 
Career opportunities for development and the amount of projects you're able to work on to get crucial experience.


Dynamic atmosphere, changing environments and large amount of responsibility.


Awesome team, great learning experience, structured yet highly challenging rotations.

Good working environment, supportive people, given lots of responsibility and time to learn things. 
Work/life balance, colleagues are really friendly and there is a good group of graduates who we socialise with.


Challenging, fast paced environment with a really good team of people who work hard and support each other to deliver difficult goals.


Supportive environment where you are given challenging work.
Working on platforms that the majority of people never get an insight into, great support and massive opportunities for progression. 



Opportunities to take ownership of an area you want to make a difference in and the freedom to take it, learn it, apply it.


The flexibility in my role and the responsibility given on a daily basis right from the beginning.



The opportunities to gain diverse experiences are numerous; the flexibility to choose where you work and under which department is excellent.
The working environment and the people that I work with.


Opportunity to work in different offices and general job flexibility. Salary is pretty great and the graduate support network is amazing. 

Get a good work/life balance and work in a very good team.


A challenging environment that gives you the motivation to work harder. 
I have real responsibility and the opportunity to make an impact on the business in an international environment. 


Variety, great company, stimulating industry, opportunities to learn and progress.


The opportunities to immediately work on important projects with key stakeholders are excellent.
Promotion opportunities, continuous development and learning, really invested in me as an employee.


Opportunity to work on some breath-taking projects, working with some of the most gifted engineers of my generation.
81 3M

Excellent colleagues, great support levels and high level of responsibility in work/projects.
82 GE

I've gained exposure to a global organisation and how an industry leader operates at a grassroots level. 
Great opportunities for quick progression, hard work and commitment are recognised.



Comprehensive training programme which graduates can tailor for themselves.


I work with great, enthusiastic colleagues who all want to do well. Brilliant environment to be in, positive and supportive.


Comprehensive training programme which graduates can tailor for themselves.

Career progression appears to be great, hard work is rewarded, plenty of support.


The responsibility given to you from day one of your training contract really motivates you as the firm are putting their trust in you with real files and dealing with real clients.

The people that work here are supportive and on the grad scheme you can try out an array of roles.
 It's great that Mace provides you with opportunities outside of your day-job to get involved and expand your network within the business. 



You are treated as a full member of the team from day one and given so many opportunities…
The dynamic nature and friendly atmosphere are by far the highlights of my job.


Unrivalled development and learning opportunities.

It pays well and hard work is usually well rewarded. It's fun and interesting - I speak to fascinating people on a daily basis.
Working with a rich variety of colleagues on a variety of jobs- always new people to meet and new opportunities to pursue.


I have met the most interesting, inspiring and amiable people since I started working in this company…
This job is one that opens a large number of doors in terms of career progression and opportunities…


Challenging and enjoyable. Good team and working environment.


Huge variety of work. Get involved with an exciting mix of projects. No day is ever the same.