Asda Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Asda

"Relate all questions to relevant examples from uni, work experience, etc. "
Project Manager, Retail Operations at Asda
"Just be yourself and say what your drive is for a career in retail. "
Graduate Retail Manager, Doncaster at Asda
"Know a bit about the company, where you want to go in your career and have questions ready to ask the interviewer."
GM Manager, Asda Living at Asda
"My best advice for assessment centre/interviews is to bring your application to life and to enjoy the day. There was obviously something in your application which Asda liked, so now show the panel that in real life! I found my assessment centre really good fun, which made me relax. Therefore, I was able to be at my best!"
People MI Analyst, People (HR) at Asda
"Be yourself. Asda hire for personality. Do your research though; on the company, the market and the competition. "
Retail manager, at Asda
"They should be very honest and open with all answers. On the assessment day make sure to air your views but also involve other people in the conversation if they don't say very much. "
at Asda
"Be as yourself as you can as if your personality shines through in the interview and it matches the values of the company you will also be in a job where you enjoy what you do as you're in line with their beliefs!"
Retail Management.Graduate Scheme, Retail Stores at Asda
"Be clear and always back your answers up with examples and try to bring in examples from not only Univeristy but bring in past work experience or any volunteer work you have been involved in. "
Department Manager , at Asda
"Look online, visit stores and speak to people who work at asda already."
Graduate trainee, North east at Asda
"The best advice I was given was to be yourself throughout the entire process. The managers observing can see straight through false characters. This advice was 100% accurate. Also, make a good impression immediately. Involve everyone in group tasks and make sure you listen as well as making your point heard. Make sure you have countless examples of where you have used team work or dealt with a difficult situation or conversation. You'll have role play to take part in so again they will see straight through false characters. Be yourself, they hire for personality and train for skill. Finally, know as much information about ASDA as possible, do some research on the areas of the company that interest you. "
Deputy Manager, Supermarkets at Asda