Asda Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Asda

Application Advice: I would suggest that any candidates applying for this role should be themselves first and foremost! However, secondly I would suggest that thorough research of the Asda's company history is key, with it being such an essential part of the company. I would also suggest that companies such as Asda often look for you to have work experience so making sure you make the most of any placement or part-time opportunities you are given whilst you are at university.
Interview Advice: At interview, I would suggest that any candidate should make sure that they present themselves in a genuine manner and really sell the experience that they have. Asda looks for people who can add to the culture as well as add to the skillset so be sure to make the most of the personal attributes that you will bring to the role as well as your technical expertise. Also think outside the box and say what additional skills you can bring to the role rather than just the requirements for the role and always appear enthusiastic!
People Services & MI Assistant, People Services Team at Asda
Application Advice: Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Again just be yourself, an interview is a two way thing so ask as many questions as you want.
GNFR Cost Accountant , Record to Report at Asda
Application Advice: Enthusiasm is everything in terms of the application to work at ASDA. Showing a good understanding about the sector and being genuinely interested goes a long way.
Interview Advice: As above, appear enthusiastic and interested.
Multichannel Finance Analyst, Trading Finance at Asda
Application Advice: The scheme has no real defined structure which can be frustrating, and can lead to a lack of focus and direction as an individual. The roles you are offered are entirely dependent on the Senior Director of your region and thus can vary greatly from region to region. If you are willing to be extremely flexible and follow a scheme without any structure or timeframes of progression, then apply, however I wouldn't if you prefer a structured scheme with clear timescales around promotion.
Interview Advice: Telephone Interview Assessment Day: Group discussion Scenarios - i.e. responding to customer complaints/ colleague issues Presentation Interview with a Senior Director
Production & Replen Section Manager, London at Asda
Application Advice: Be honest about yourself and whether you will fit into the company. Do your research into the world of retail - make sure you fully understand the amount that is expected of you and the realities of the job before applying.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. It's about seeing whether Asda is right for you as much as if you are right for Asda. Make sure you're aware of current issues facing all food retailers in the current climate - particularly issues of price wars and discount retailers.
at Asda
Application Advice: Be yourself and try and get some retail experience although we hire for attitude and train for skill
Interview Advice: You may be asked about what you think the company do well and what you would improve so be sure to visit your local store and speak to colleagues and managers.
George manager , at Asda
Application Advice: When doing the Culture Fit questionnaire, be honest and true to you. Go with your first instinct.
Interview Advice: I know everyone gets nervous at interviews - but try and stay calm and relaxed! Try and structure your answers clearly and elaborate on these in as much detail as you can.
Resourcing Assistant, Recruitment at Asda
Application Advice: You need to be flexible in the way you work. So much of your day and week is created by yourself and you need to be able to do that, drive yourself and others and manage upwards in order to be successful.
Interview Advice: Be yourself! Asda truly believes in the Asda personality and this comes from people being who they really are. Don't be afraid to let your own style shine through. Always be early for an interview as a lot of the time meetings change so someone may see you earlier or later but by already being there it will be noticed. Be prepared to talk about you as a person as well as in a professional setting.
Systems Analyst, eCommerce at Asda
Application Advice: Know the company inside out, how it's operating, it's strategies etc. Look at every external facing website.
Film and Brand Coordinat, Retail Service and Communication at Asda
Application Advice: Your degree will come in no use whatsoever.
Retail Graduate Manager, at Asda