Asda Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Asda

Application Advice: Take your time and tailor your application to fit in with ASDA values.
Interview Advice: Be friendly, respectful and throw yourself into the assessment centre day. ASDA care about personality so don't be afraid to be yourself.
Beer Buying Assistant , Beer at Asda
Application Advice: Apply early and put a lot of time into your application.
Interview Advice: The best tip I can give you about an interview with ASDA is to be yourself - they are really looking for personality. Other than that make sure you do your homework on sales and profit figures, as well as anything else you can find out about the company.
Buying Assistant, Chilled Trading at Asda
Application Advice: Have confidence. It's a hard job but definitely worth it!
Interview Advice: Past education/experience? Why I applied? What can I bring to the role? What are my strengths? What do I hope to achieve?
Buying Assistant, Trading at Asda
Application Advice: Sell yourself. Take the opportunity to talk about the things you've done, the transferable skills you've gained and what you're passionate about. Use examples and experiences and always state what the result of that was.
Interview Advice: Appear confident in yourself and your own abilities. You will be challenged, hold your own without getting offended or getting too defensive. Be yourself so you know whether it'll be a good fit for you if you were to get the job. Let them get to know who you are and how you work. PREPARE - there are lots of example interview questions online so prepare answers and learn them in a way that you can adapt them for similar questions.
Promotions and Events assistant, Core Chilled and Meal Solutions at Asda
Application Advice: Give specific examples in application form - think outside the box when backing up your skill set. Use an example outside college/university if you have one.
Interview Advice: Be passionate, do your research and relax - let your personality come across!
Strategic Resourcing Assistant, Strategic Resourcing at Asda
Application Advice: Be yourself. Asda are 100% committed to finding the right people for the company. Most roles you can be trained to carry out, and within Asda there is huge potential for progression and development across all branches of the business. If you have the right motivations, and naturally exhibit the personalities that Asda look out for to fit their culture, you'll fit right in on the interview day.
Interview Advice: Just be yourself and answer honestly and openly. Being relaxed and answering genuinely helps.
ALS Graduate (across areas), Site and Projects Management at Asda
Application Advice: I suppose that the best advice would be not to worry about it, the graduate recruitment team are really good and not scary. They won't be trying to trip you up and are super helpful. They also really know their stuff as they work with developing graduates as well as recruiting them, so don't be scared to contact them with questions (I wish I did that more when I applied). I actually applied for a different graduate scheme to the one I'm on, but the interviewers know what they're looking for and so talked to me about how they thought I was more suited to a different scheme. They even arranged for me to spend a day with a graduate and that kind of support in graduate recruitment is above and beyond. That being said, the application process is very competitive and will require some time and investment, I would really recommend coming up to speed with market news and trends (try the magazine called 'The Grocer') and how they affect the retail business and its future. Also think laterally about how activities outside of work demonstrate the leadership behaviours which Asda look for.
Interview Advice: The interview/assessment centre takes a whole day but, if you allow it to be, can be quite enjoyable. Expect to be asked to do things individually and as a group and use these times to really show that you can operate constructively within both scenarios. For the interview itself nothing beats the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method, look it up and use it. Again, the interviewer isn't looking to trip you up, so relax and just talk about what you've done and how you've done it. Coming with some statistics up your sleeve and using them relevantly (don't just shoehorn them in, it's really embarrassing to watch) demonstrate commitment, interest and ability to apply learning. Nothing at the assessment centre is really scary or confusing, it's all explained and there's plenty of space to ask questions before the task begins, you're also given a rough outline well in advance of the day. So don't come expect a House of Horrors, it's a friendly business.
Asda Logistics Graduate, Asda Logistics Graduate Scheme at Asda
Application Advice: Be yourself and be encouraging of others at the Assessment Centre - you need extra activities to propel yourself forward in the midst of all the 1000's of applications.
Interview Advice: Be prepared, first and foremost. Presentations should be clear and concise; if you get asked a question, ask the interviewer to repeat the question and take your time to answer. As said previously, be encouraging to your fellow candidates - ASDA is a very friendly and team-oriented company so this will work in your favour.
Logistics Graduate, at Asda
Application Advice: I would suggest that any candidates applying for this role should be themselves first and foremost! However, secondly I would suggest that thorough research of the Asda's company history is key, with it being such an essential part of the company. I would also suggest that companies such as Asda often look for you to have work experience so making sure you make the most of any placement or part-time opportunities you are given whilst you are at university.
Interview Advice: At interview, I would suggest that any candidate should make sure that they present themselves in a genuine manner and really sell the experience that they have. Asda looks for people who can add to the culture as well as add to the skillset so be sure to make the most of the personal attributes that you will bring to the role as well as your technical expertise. Also think outside the box and say what additional skills you can bring to the role rather than just the requirements for the role and always appear enthusiastic!
People Services & MI Assistant, People Services Team at Asda
Application Advice: Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Again just be yourself, an interview is a two way thing so ask as many questions as you want.
GNFR Cost Accountant , Record to Report at Asda