Innovative. Trusted. Pioneering. These three qualities have always summed up Jaguar Land Rover. They have been encapsulated within the performance, luxury and excellence of all our products. They are what every person working for us lives and breathes. 

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as one of the best graduate employers to work for in the engineering and manufacturing industry, Jaguar Land Rover are an innovative company with a long standing history in British car manufacturing. With graduate schemes, and 3, 6, and 12 month undergraduate placements available, there are lots of opportunities to work for this dynamic company.

With an overall rating of 4.0/5.0, Jaguar Land Rover scored highly Training (4.2 / 5), Colleagues (4.2 / 5), and Environmental Awareness (4.1 / 5).

1. The Best and Worst things about working for Jaguar Land Rover

Best: People are very friendly and open to share their knowledge. The company invests in training, which can even result in completing an MSc and/or a EngD.
The sites are a little bit far away from each other and if you don’t have a car it can be complicated.

Research Engineer, Low Carbon Vehicles at Jaguar Land Rover

Best: Graduates are treated with the same respect and authority as any other person in the company. I have been given a lot of responsibility from day one but also the support I need. There are a large number of training courses provided for both technical and professional skills as part of the scheme. Additional courses can also be requested. Graduate placements allow you to explore other areas of the business outside your “home department”.
Worst: Not a “worst” but a note of caution: The graduate scheme is what you make of it. There are always further opportunities to develop and take on more responsibility. In that way you are often in charge of your own destiny. If you are not proactive in grabbing opportunities then you will not make the most the graduate scheme.
Graduate Trainee, Advanced Product Creation at Jaguar Land Rover

Best: Great atmosphere and positivity surrounding the business. Found that the majority of employees are very interested in helping the company not just themselves! Exciting to be part of a fantastic brand, aiding them to provide top quality products. My job role is very varied and therefore every day is challenging, in a good sense.
Worst: I personally have a lengthy commute but that was my choice. Sometimes hard to manage email/meeting balance.
Graduate Real Estate Surveyor, Asset Management at Jaguar Land Rover

2. Average Working Hours
7.00am – 4.00pm 
3. Average Graduate Salary
£29,000 – £31,000

4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Be enthusiastic, engaging and do your research on the company – it is a growing business and it looks good to know about the company you want to work for.
Interview Advice: You have made it this far to the assessment centre – relax, do your research and be yourself. The interview isn’t there to trick you it is there to gauge your experiences and how they can be applied into the world of work. Think of every group project/ challenge/ hard time you have overcome successfully and apply that to the world of work.
Vehicle Package Engineer, Advanced Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover

Application Advice: Try to find out about the company structure so that you can be clear on which department and area is the right fit for you.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, be friendly with other people being interviewed and be honest.
Research Engineer, Low Carbon Vehicles at Jaguar Land Rover

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