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Our brand was born out of passion, determination, innovation and pride. The “Colonel” Harland Sanders has left a lasting impact on our business and 50 years on we are still doing things the way the Colonel meant for them to be done. 

KFC is part of Yum! Restaurants with over 40,000 restaurants, operating in 130 countries so the opportunities are truly global. KFC UKI employs 24,000 people in over 850 restaurants, delivering over £1 billion in sales annually and opening around 35 new restaurants every year. It’s big business but there is more to KFC than just our size, each restaurant is a space where our teams and customers can be themselves; friendly and authentic.  

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as the top employer for Retail (smaller intake) , KFC is a truly international business with a wide range of graduate opportunities. With an overall rating of 3.8/5, KFC score particularly high for environmental awareness (4.3/5), compensation and benefits (4.3/5) and responsibility (4.2/5). 

1. The Best and Worst things about working for [Company]

Best: The fantastic ability to learn from others around you, who are always available. 
Worst: Sometimes you have to work long hours, but the results and rewards at the end make it worthwhile.
Graduate at KFC UK & Ireland

Best: The company has a really good support structure and allows access to senior leaders within the business. This is a great opportunity to network and develop working relationships to make you a more effective leader. It is good to have a development programme that works alongside the 12 month programme. This adds value to your learning and keeps you at the top of your business and educational goals. You are also given lots of responsibility early on.
Worst:  It is really hard to work at the pace that the scheme demands. It is a very physically demanding job and you have to work through the ranks to be able to do it. Overall you do long hours and are expected to be fully flexible with your working schedule as you are a business manager from the beginning.
Restaurant General Manager in Training, Operations Leadership Graduate Scheme at KFC UK&Ireland

Best: Opportunity to run million pound business at a young age and early stage in career. Support available both from operations leaders and scheme co-ordinators. Opportunity to work and learn in a fast-paced, forward-thinking and competitive environment. Access and exposure to senior business leaders. Small scheme intakes mean lots of personal focus. Opportunity to work alongside amazing restaurant teams. Camaraderie between those on the scheme.
Worst: Work-life balance. Unsociable hours. Pressure of running the business is difficult to switch off from.
Operations Leadership Scheme, at KFC UK&Ireland

2. Average Working Hours
7.00am – 4.00pm
3. Average Graduate Salary
£23,000 – £25,000
4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Make the most of in restaurant experience. See your role as trainee RGM and immerse yourself in everything it involves, it’s not forever.
Interview Advice: Be relaxed and ask all the questions possible, be sure to feel you fully know what to expect in the role by the end of the interview.
Restaurant General Manager trainee, Restaurant Operations at KFC UK&Ireland

Application Advice:  I would advise candidates to be themselves and to look out for the things that make them different. If you can highlight the value that you can contribute to the company you are more likely to be seen. KFC like people to be individuals and be their best selves. Ultimately you need to be able to run a restaurant, but it’s good to have a spark of something new. Share if you are not good at something, and be open about your weaknesses as they will be able to help you.
Interview Advice: When being interviewed, ensure you take the time to get to know other people. It is good to prepare examples of when you have used your skills and how you have learned from the experiences you have had. This doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of experience, it just means your focus should be on articulating how you want to be heard.
Restaurant General Manager in Training, Operations Leadership Graduate Scheme at KFC UK&Ireland

Application Advice: Do your basic research into the business – don’t neglect its culture. Visit at least one store – ask the team questions.
Interview Advice: If you express specific interest in particular departments of the business, ensure your passion for that sector is conveyed in the interview. Think about the basic personal questions that one might take for granted e.g. what do you do in your spare time?
Operations Leadership Scheme, at KFC UK&Ireland

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