Rated the 4th best larger intake firm to work for in 2015/2016, NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist,  with offices based across the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. NCC Group’s services cover three main areas including software testing, security consulting and software escrow & verification and they are ‘passionate about changing the shape of the internet and making it safer’. Scoring an overall 4.4/5 by graduates, NCC Group scores especially well on company culture (4.7), colleagues (4.7) and overall enjoyment (4.6).

The average graduate salary at NCC Group is between £23,000 – £25,000, with some graduates describing a bonus of up to £5,000 a year and others adding a car allowance. Average working hours were 9am – 5pm, although one security consultant explained that there are ‘…very flexible work hours, providing you do all the hours, you can start / finish whenever you want.’

The best and worst things about working for NCC Group included;

‘The sheer amount of knowledge that is shared between colleagues in such a large and friendly atmosphere make for a very positive learning environment.’
Junior Security Consultant, Assurance at NCC Group
‘The atmosphere is very lively, never a boring moment. The training is excellent, I’ve had training with some very senior people at the company, and they are all very down to earth. The sales floor can be very loud sometimes.’
Internal Accounts Manager, New Business at NCC Group
‘The best thing about starting at NCC Group from university is the training programme and opportunity to work with some of the best consultants in the world on jobs, learning from them. The starting salary is very slightly lower than other companies were claiming to offer at the time, however the 6 month training programme goes some way to explaining this.’
Security Consultant, Technical Security Consulting at NCC Group
Interview tips given by NCC Group’s graduates included;
Application Advice: Ensure that you have basic knowledge and experience of administering Microsoft and Linux operating systems and be open to learning as much as you can.
Interview Advice: Brush up on web applications testing and terminology.
Junior Security Consultant, Assurance at NCC Group
Application Advice: People buy from people. Speak slowly, and learn to listen.
Interview Advice: Prepare your answers. Prepare to work.
Internal Accounts Manager, New Business at NCC Group
Application Advice: Be honest on your CV, they go through it and ask questions relating to what you have done in your degree / dissertation.
Interview Advice: The NCC group employs people with a wide range of skills. If you haven’t got prior knowledge of IT security, that doesn’t matter. They look for graduates that are keen to learn, motivate themselves and take on new challenges. There is a small technical test, testing your infrastructure and web app testing skills.
Security Consultant, Penetration Testing at NCC Group
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View the video clip below for an example of one of NCC Group’s products!

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