‘Peninsula Business Services is part of the award winning Peninsula Group of Companies, the UK’s largest provider of Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety consultancy services… Peninsula are the leading provider of combined employment law, wellbeing and health & safety services in the UK.’

Headquartered in Manchester, Peninsula employs over 1,100 staff throughout the UK. Peninsula place a strong emphasis on business performance and goals whilst also focusing on internal promotions – in-fact, 90% of their Directors started out on the ‘ground floor’. With an excellent overall rating of 4.6, the company is rated particularly high for training (4.9), compensation and benefits (4.9) and colleagues (4.8). Let’s take a look at what graduates have to say about life at Peninsula…

1. The best and worst things about working for Peninsula?

Best: The best thing is the amount of recognition the company gives its employees. They recognise talent and put a lot in to awarding employees who work hard and show an affinity for the role.
Worst: The environment, as a whole, can be fast paced and challenging and if you do not like to work in this environment then it is not for you.
Research Assistant, at Peninsula Business Services
Best: The best thing about my company is that there is recognition for hard work through annual and quarterly awards. There is lots of training and support to progress in your career and move up the salary structure. I enjoy my job as we handle different cases and situations every day and it helps expand our knowledge.
Worst: Having the high number of clients that Peninsula has means that the tasks to complete are very fast paced.
Employment Law Consultant, Advice at Peninsula Business Services
Best: A wealth of experience to be gained, as there is a rigorous training programme that has lasted 6 months ensuring that all graduates are fully trained in all elements surrounding employment law. There is also a great working environment, as everyone is ready to help with any queries that you may have whilst also being their to have a real good time to make the job enjoyable.
Worst: Every now and then you have to deal with clients who express dissatisfaction, which can be hard at times, however, you do get more clients being highly appreciative of the work that is being done and the help that they are being provided which truly provides a great sense of accomplishment within the job.
Graduate Employment Law Consultant, Graduate Team at Peninsula Business Services
9am – 5pm
£19,000 – £21,000
Application Advice: You do not necessarily have to have a background degree in HR or Employment Law, Peninsula are looking for graduates who have an interest in HR/ Employment Law and who want to progress and develop their skills into a career here at Peninsula.
Interview Advice: I’d advise anyone applying for Peninsula to research the company in-depth, to be friendly, confident and energetic. Be prepared to think on your feet and have researched past interview questions.
Employment Law Graduate, Graduate at Peninsula Business Services
Application Advice: Experience is just as important as qualifications, if not more important.
Interview Advice: Keep your legal knowledge up to date, there will be questions about it as well as your abilities.
Paralegal, Legal services at Peninsula Business Services
Application Advice: Make sure to gain some introductory Employment Law and HR knowledge before joining the scheme so that you are able to familiarise with legal principles quickly. However, the training provided will also assist you with this. Research about Peninsula and make sure to gain knowledge of the company and its background so you know what to expect and what the company stands for.
Interview Advice: How do you respond to pressure? Why do you want to work in HR? Make sure to be yourself, use it as an opportunity to sell yourself and ask a lot of questions.
Employment Law Consultant, Employment Law at Peninsula Business Services
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