We asked graduates ‘how would you rate your colleagues?’ across all sectors and the results are here!

Scientific and R&D, Consulting and Recruitment all came out on top with strong results of scores of 8.8 and above out of 10. 

However, when it came to the firm-level, we found a handful of the best rated companies for colleagues to be in the Recruitment and Consulting sector, albeit in diverse areas within the professions! The best rated Recruitment and Consulting firms for colleagues include…

SW6 Associates (4.9)

Newton Europe (4.8)

Peninsula Business Services Group (4.8)

Let’s take a quick overview of the basics for these firms:

Employer Average Working Hours Average Graduate Salary
SW6 Associates 8am – 7pm £19,000 – £21,000
Newton Europe 8am – 6pm £37,000 – £39,000
Peninsula Business Services 9am – 5pm £19,000 – £21,000





So what is it about SW6 Associates, Newton Europe and Peninsula that give them such high ratings for colleagues? We take a look at what graduates tell us are the best and worst things about their jobs!

1. Best and worst things about working for SW6 Associates?

Best: Company culture, everyone is very driven and light hearted so you can have a good laugh alongside working hard. The commission structure and incentives are unbeatable and they ensure everyone remains on top of their game to reap the rewards of recruitment. Great career progression, all organic growth. SW6 have some very exciting development plans for the future.
Worst: Recruitment is a tough role that requires long hours, but that’s the nature of the industry.
Candidate Consultant , Graduates / London at SW6 Associates
Best: It’s a company that really cares – which makes all the difference in Recruitment; it’s a tough career but when you are surrounded by a team like ours it’s made a lot easier! I have been really fortunate in being given the chance to ‘create my own role’ and the support I have been given in my career so far has been invaluable.
Worst: It can be quite long hours (but that’s to be expected in ‘our industry’)
Marketing Manager, Marketing at SW6 Associates
Best: The team morale and the energetic environment in the office, along with the earning potential and the lifestyle that comes with the job through its reward schemes.
Worst: Be aware of the long hours required to make it to the top. The tough times – no market is ever smooth running there are hard times which you have to be resilient to.
Senior Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment to Recruitment at SW6 Associates

2. Best and worst things about working for Newton Europe?

Best: Amazing personal development, massive responsibility from day one, and a strong meritocratic culture which rewards the best employees regardless of background or experience. Fantastic, bright, talented and friendly colleagues who offer a lot socially as well as in work.
Worst: Lots of travelling around the country, often with short notice and staying away from home. You have to be prepared for long hours on occasion and tough work situations.
Consultant, at Newton Europe
Best: Great people and a really positive, fun company atmosphere with full company activity nights every 2 weeks. The work is interesting and you’re always being stretched out of your comfort zone, allowing you to develop really quickly.
Worst: A lot of driving and working away from home Monday-Friday.
Consultant, Operations at Newton Europe
Best: Working with exceptional colleagues on a wide range of projects spanning different sectors. Rapid personal development in terms of both responsibilities and skills with an extensive mentoring structure
Worst: Being away from home Monday to Friday every week can be a bit straining. However, Newton puts time and effort in ensuring you have a healthy work life balance and you never work weekends.
Consultant, at Newton Europe

3. The best and worst things about working for Peninsula?

Best: The best thing is the amount of recognition the company gives its employees. They recognise talent and put a lot in to awarding employees who work hard and show an affinity for the role.
Worst: The environment, as a whole, can be fast paced and challenging and if you do not like to work in this environment then it is not for you.
Research Assistant, at Peninsula Business Services
Best: The best thing about my company is that there is recognition for hard work through annual and quarterly awards. There is lots of training and support to progress in your career and move up the salary structure. I enjoy my job as we handle different cases and situations every day and it helps expand our knowledge.
Worst: Having the high number of clients that Peninsula has means that the tasks to complete are very fast paced.
Employment Law Consultant, Advice at Peninsula Business Services
Best: A wealth of experience to be gained, as there is a rigorous training programme that has lasted 6 months ensuring that all graduates are fully trained in all elements surrounding employment law. There is also a great working environment, as everyone is ready to help with any queries that you may have whilst also being their to have a real good time to make the job enjoyable.
Worst: Every now and then you have to deal with clients who express dissatisfaction, which can be hard at times, however, you do get more clients being highly appreciative of the work that is being done and the help that they are being provided which truly provides a great sense of accomplishment within the job.
Graduate Employment Law Consultant, Graduate Team at Peninsula Business Services
To find out more about an employer through their graduate ratings, take a look at our full selection here

When each graduate completes a job review with TheJobCrowd, we ask them a number of questions such as ‘what is most important to your career?’ or ‘how long do you expect to stay in your current job?’. These responses from thousands of grads have given us some great insights into what they’re really after.

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