The RWE Supply and Trading graduate scheme provides an opportunity for bright emerging talent to launch their career.

Graduates who join RWE are joining at an exciting time as the business expands into new markets and grows on a global scale. Graduates will be provided with exceptional training from experienced industry experts which will enable them to grow and thrive as young professionals. 

RWE Supply and Trading were very successful at the recent Top Companies for Graduates to work for 2016/2017 awards evening, achieving the following accolades:

  • Ranked #1 in Energy and Utilities (smaller intake)
  • Ranked #2 for Responsibility 
  • Ranked #10 overall (smaller intake)

RWE Supply and Trading an exciting and rapidly expanding company. With an overall rating of 4.6/5, RWE scored particularly highly for responsibility (5.0/5), compensation and benefits (5.0/5) and company culture (4.8/5).

1. The Best and Worst things about working for RWE Supply and Trading 

Best: Dynamic work – a lot of ad hoc analysis of an unpredictable nature means you are always on your toes. Highly rewarding when things go well, easy to see impact of your work. Graduate scheme is an excellent way to determine where you fit into the company and try different roles.

Worst: The dynamic nature of the job can add pressure to deliver new work under tight timescales.

Analyst, Energy Trading at RWE Supply and Trading


Best: I have gained a high level of analytical skills and knowledge. There is a good framework to develop and learn different parts of the business through the four rotations and the possibility of working abroad.

Worst: Nothing springs to mind!

Graduate Analyst, Gas Trading at RWE Supply and Trading


Best: The people are fantastic and I have learnt lots of new skills. 

Worst: I can’t think of any!

Gas Portfolio Manager, at RWE Supply and Trading


2. Average Working Hours

8.00am – 6.00pm 


3. Average Graduate Salary

The salary is competitive and includes a generous bonus package and allowances if you have to move away from your base location.


4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Applying is the best choice you can make. My Job challenges me every day and that makes it so exciting and fascinating.

Interview Advice: Be prepared for the questions about energy but also think about new energy fields.

Gas Portfolio Manager, at RWE Supply and Trading


Application Advice: The energy industry is changing dramatically, some background on the broader trends is useful. You will need to think fast on your feet and react to volatile situations.

Interview Advice: Be honest and curious, always looking for a solution.

Analyst, Energy Trading at RWE Supply and Trading


Application Advice: Know your energy commodities. Learn as much as you can about the company and the different parts of our business. Have a desire to perform well in any part of the business.

Interview Advice: You must be well rounded as you will be rotating around different parts of the business and various locations, so be prepared to move geographically.

Graduate Analyst, Gas Trading at RWE Supply and Trading


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