In an extremely competitive job market, finding ways to get ahead and be picked out over everyone else can be a difficult thing to achieve. So many people in the UK look to maximise their chances of getting a good job and finding the career that they really want by getting a degree from university and making the most of access to higher education.

However, lots of others have also had the same consideration, and there is a plentiful supply of graduates often vying for the same positions. This means that each candidate is up against a lot of others who also hold the same title, so finding ways to stand out is essential to get that dream job after university.

The finance sector is by no means a small field, and there are lots of different paths that a graduate with a degree in finance could look to take. These range from accountancy to insurance, with many roles for financial advisers and analysts as well. There is also a big market for those who wish to be traders, and those interested in a career concerned with Forex trading strategies will find many roles are available.

This means that there is a role to suit everyone who is after a career in finance, and being able to fit into a defined niche could really improve the chances of getting into the right role. If someone can show how dedicated they are to a certain field or topic, and why they are so good at this specific aspect of finance, such enthusiasm can really help someone to stand out.

Before anything else, and before the job interviews, a candidate should make sure that their CV is on point. A lot of people will apply to a job with a CV that simply isn’t exciting enough to guarantee an interview. For different jobs, different skills will be required, so having a CV that is tailored to each job and is as close as possible to the ethos of the company that is offering the position will greatly increase the chances of being invited to an interview.

Experience is also key, and this is what will help contribute to a great CV. Look for ways to get experience in the right areas, and it can make someone shine in comparison to all of the other candidates. Showing previous work in the field, whether voluntary or in a paid capacity, shows how deeply interested somebody is in a subject, and can indicate to employers that such an application comes from a high calibre of candidacy.

Employers will often have a huge surplus of applicants compared to the amount of people that they will end up hiring for these roles, and so finding the unique selling point will give the best chance of finding that graduate position. By being confident in oneself and the skills amassed at university, it will definitely help get the message across and develop the kind of application that nobody else can, making it easier to get noticed.

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