Whilst the prospect of a large amount of initial responsibility may be daunting to graduates embarking on their first job, having the opportunity to lead an area of a project, be accountable for a particular result or provide ownership on a deliverable can not only be rewarding, but also an excellent platform for personal development. Whilst the opportunities to take-on responsibility may vary between industries due to specific training requirements, we’ve found some interesting variation between careers… 

We asked graduates across all sectors ‘how would you rate your responsibility levels?’… and the results are in!

The highest scoring sectors were…

1. Consumer Goods (8.1)

2. Management Consulting (8.0)

3. Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism (8.0)

The lowest scoring sectors were…

1. Law (7.1)

2. Engineering & Manufacturing (7.2)

3. Accounting (7.3)

With Consumer Goods coming out with the highest rating of responsibility levels by graduates, let’s take a look at the best and worst things about working for the top larger intake FMCG firm and top smaller intake FMCG firm!

1. Grads at Procter & Gamble – the top rated larger intake consumer goods firm to work for in 2015/2016

‘Real responsibility from day 1. Working with motivated people who like their jobs! Manage a team of 6-8 people. Recommending organisational changes. Long term team planning Team events & away days. Occasionally stressed knowing that I’m responsible for other people’s careers & professional development.

Finance Team Leader, at Procter & Gamble

‘High levels of responsibility from day one and opportunities to add real value and encourage change within my business. As a globally structured organisation we are often slow to make agreements as there are so many people involved in our processes. This can be frustrating in a customer facing role.’
National Account Manager, Prestige at Procter & Gamble
‘Work environment and relationships. Learning every day at the fastest pace possible. As a big company it’s difficult to have visibility in the organization. I would consider manufacturing as the toughest place to progress.’
Process Engineer, Manufacturing at Procter & Gamble

2. Grads at Express Vending – the top rated smaller intake consumer goods firm to work for in 2015/2016

‘Training, support, atmosphere, colleagues, opportunities for develop, big rewards, self-managed, meeting people and opportunities to earn lots of money. Have to make lots of phone calls – but it’s part of the job.’
Sales Executive, Everyday Essentials at Express Vending
‘The people and Salary! We work in a great team and the harder we all work, the more money we all make! Mixture of days in and out of the office – we manage our own time. Walking around in London in the rain!’
London Account Manager, Sales at Express Vending
‘Commission, people, variety, progression, high responsibilities. High pressure competitive environment which can be challenging at times.’
Account Manager, Account Management at Express Vending
If you’re interested in finding out more about employers in FMCG – the highest rated sector for responsibility – be sure to browse our careers page to view job reviews and information on the top employers in the field!

When each graduate completes a job review with TheJobCrowd, we ask them a number of questions such as ‘what is most important to your career?’ or ‘how long do you expect to stay in your current job?’. These responses from thousands of grads have given us some great insights into what they’re really after.

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