The results are in and this year’s three top rated companies for enjoyment are…

1. MicroFocus (4.64)

2. Volkswagen Group UK (4.58)

3. NCC Group (4.58)

With both Micro Focus and NCC Group being employers in the IT & Telecommunication industries and Volkswagen Group in the Consumer Goods industry, these findings show that even though these sectors aren’t featured in the top five sectors for enjoyment – specific employers go a long way. Whilst these three firms came out with identical average working hours, we did find a little difference between the average graduate salary:
Employer Average Working Hours Average Graduate Salary
Micro Focus 9am – 5pm £27,000 – £29,000
Volkswagen Group UK 9am – 5pm £25,000 – £27,000
NCC Group 9am – 5pm £23,000 – £25,000
Let’t take a look at what graduates say are the best and worst things about working for these employers!

The best and worst things about working for Micro Focus

Best: Great place to work, Everyone is friendly, great atmosphere to work in, always help when you need it. Lots of outside work activities, sports etc. Free drinks! 
Software Developer, Software Development at Micro Focus
Best: I came through the development academy program which has given me a good view of the different areas of the business. This has also given me the chance to have time in the different development teams to see how they operate while doing useful work. Everyone is friendly and eager to help you learn. The working environment is pleasant. The work is interesting and challenging.
Worst: None really
Software Systems Developer, at Micro Focus
Best: Skilled, experienced and helpful colleagues added with the huge potential to learn loads. Free pizzas and soft-skill training sessions are an added bonus!
Worst: Nothing so far!
Software System Developer (Graduate), at Micro Focus

The best and worst things about working for Volkswagen Group UK

Best: The best thing about the company is the ethos, everyone aims for the same goals and it isn’t about individuals performing well, we do it as a team! People want you to achieve and give you a lot of responsibility from the word go, but always offer support along the way.
Worst: There is a huge amount of competition between the Graduates which can add extra pressure.
Product Marketing Executive, Product Marketing at VOLKSWAGEN Group UK
Best: The opportunity to work 5 of the biggest brands in the UK, all under one company is truly unique. Exposure to high level project and developments. Working with some amazing products.
Graduate at VOLKSWAGEN Group UK
Best: With five brands in one building, there are plenty of opportunities to progress your career. The rotational graduate scheme gives you the opportunity to network with the different brands and teams, which allows you to understand where you would enjoy working the most, and sets you up to do so after the scheme finishes. A positive is that you are given business critical tasks and have to take real responsibility which is a great thing to experience and take ownership of, but sometimes these sometimes can result in early mornings and late nights.
Group Vehicle Planning Executive, Group Vehicle Planning and Logistics at VOLKSWAGEN Group UK
Best: Pentesting is one of the fastest-moving, most exciting, and most rewarding careers. NCC is a large company and so has a massive internal training resource, as well as experts in every field.
Security Consultant, Security Consultant at NCC Group
Best: The atmosphere is very lively, never a boring moment. The training is excellent, I’ve had training with some very senior people at the company, and they are all very down to earth.
Worst: The sales floor can be very loud sometimes.
Internal Accounts Manager, New Business at NCC Group
Best: The sheer amount of knowledge that is shared between colleagues in such a large and friendly atmosphere make for a very positive learning environment.
Junior Security Consutant, Assurance at NCC Group
To find out more about an employer through their graduate ratings, take a look at our full selection here

When each graduate completes a job review with TheJobCrowd, we ask them a number of questions such as ‘what is most important to your career?’ or ‘how long do you expect to stay in your current job?’. These responses from thousands of grads have given us some great insights into what they’re really after.

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