With 27 offices across the world’s leading financial and resource centres in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the USA, Ashurst offers the scale to attract global clients. We operate at the cutting edge of the financial, resources and infrastructure, corporate and new economy markets, offering advice that’s as commercially astute as it is technically accurate in diverse areas of law including disputes, competition, M&A and finance. It’s that incisiveness that makes us different from other elite firms: we share our client’s ambitions and the depth of our insight allows us to cut to the heart of their issues with speed and clarity. 

We take exactly the same approach with our people: we’re interested in understanding each other, finding new and better ways to bring out each individual’s talents, and simply enjoying the interaction with other high-calibre, down-to-earth people. It’s a strong, shared culture that will enable you to apply your intellect, develop yourself and thrive as an international lawyer. 

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as one of the best graduate employers to work for in the Law industry, Ashurst LLP provide graduate places for 40 people per year. With an overall rating of 3.6/5, Ashurst score particularly highly for colleagues (4.3/5), training (3.9/5) and company culture (3.9/5). 

1. The Best and Worst things about working for Ashurst LLP

Best: It sounds cliché, but Ashurst has a knack for hiring great people and it really contributes to a relaxed and friendly culture. As a trainee, you are also likely to get a good amount of responsibility including client contact, which is great for your personal development.
Worst: The hours can be brutal. 
Solicitor, Corporate Projects at Ashurst LLP 

Best: Exposure to high profile work. Friendly and approachable environment.
Worst: Office split across two buildings. Limited availability of secondments. 
Trainee Solicitor at Ashurst LLP 

Best: The people. I have enjoyed working in all the departments and all the teams which I have been in. I am close with the trainees from my intake and have been since law school. There is a really supportive and friendly culture here.
Worst: The work/life balance (as with other similar firms) can be poor. Working here can be very all consuming at times.
Trainee Solicitor, Real Estate at Ashurst LLP 

2. Average Working Hours
9.00am – 8.00pm 
3. Average Graduate Salary
£39,000 –  £41,000
4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Show your commitment and interest in an international environment. Be specific and always give examples in applications.
Interview Advice: Maintain a good balance between being relaxed and showing your passion. Think of a question to ask at the end. Read the City A.M. or Financial Times for at least a week before the interview.
Trainee Solicitor at Ashurst LLP 

Application Advice: Make sure you understand exactly what the firm does and the type of work you will be doing at your level.
Interview Advice: Know why you are applying for a job at Ashurst over and above other law firms and be up to date with the current market.
Solicitor, Corporate at Ashurst LLP

Application Advice: Be yourself in the interview, you’ll get to see how the firm reacts and whether you will in fact fit into that environment. This is both good for you, your career and the firm.
Interview Advice: Prepare. I always bring a folder with notes, a spare CV/copy of my application and background research to an interview. I even offer the spare copy of my CV to my interviewers “in case they would like a hard-copy”. This immediately shows the interviewer you are organised, prepared and go that little bit further.
Trainee Solicitor at Ashurst LLP 

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