Best and Worst Things About L'Oreal

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at L'Oreal - all the information is taken directly from L'Oreal graduate employee reviews

Responsibilty Entrepeneurial spirit Amazing people Great brandsLots of meetings!
Marketing MT, Marketing at L'Oreal
Job - rotations - varied role Company - culture, fast paced, innovativelots of meetings
Marketing Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
Amazing brands and products. Too much hierarchy means too many approval steps for every piece of work
Marketing Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
Autonomy, creativity, youth & diversity.Reacting quickly to market demands means that we work to really tight deadlines.
Assistant Product Manager of Emporio Armani, Marketing at L'Oreal
Working around talented passionate people. Entrepreneurial culture in a global company. Given lots of responsibility. Long hours depending on which brand and division you work on.
Marketing Management Trainee , Marketing at L'Oreal
The people are incredibly talented and inspiring. Every day we are exposed to new ways of thinking and creative ways to solve problems.The pressure can sometimes be intense - everyone operates to a high standard so expectations are high.
Assistant Product Manager, Skincare at L'Oreal
L'Oreal has over 30 different brands which play in different sectors of the market, each one is very different & targets different consumer types. - You are fully integrated in to the teams you work with and are trusted to take on important projects throughout your rotations. -Rotation process allows you to see many different areas of the business to develop a full understanding of different brands & how they interact with the overall L'Oreal business. -Incredible learning environment, the fast pace allows you to learn so much in a short space of time which is always supported with training in different areas. -Even at Management Trainee level you are considered an incredibly valuable & important part of the company. -Not for the faint hearted! The fast pace means you sometimes have to deliver projects in short spaces of time (which can be stressful).
Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
The People and the challenge Meetings Culture
Management trainee , Marketing at L'Oreal
High levels of responsibilityBureaucratic processes
Management Trainee, PPD at L'Oreal
Working in a competitive and dynamic industry that demands a strategic and innovative approach. The market is fairly saturated so finding new ways to grow your products, sales and business demands good analysis, fresh insights and powerful marketing. There is significant variety in the beauty industry across different divisions and categories and so offers an interesting chance to both take a broad interest in the industry, find areas of personal interest and to specialise later in your career. The graduate scheme is divided into three rotations of four months, one of which is spent in an alternative stream. So as a marketing graduate I have to do one rotation in the commercial stream. This allows me to better understand this side of the business and to better empathise with my colleagues work pressures. L’Oreal trusts its graduates with real responsibility from the start. This means graduates are fully appreciated as a resource and are valued members of their teams. It also allows them to take true ownership of their week and to get exposure within the business at an early stage of their career. You have to be a quick learner and training occurs progressively once already in the role. Training could be more structured to occur ahead of the role which would make graduates more effective once arriving in the business. The business is very full on and there is often a lot of pressure on deadlines. Working to short time frames is a part of the L’Oreal culture and one you have to accept from day 1.
Marketing Management Trainee, Consumer market research at L'Oreal