Best and Worst Things About L'Oreal

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at L'Oreal - all the information is taken directly from L'Oreal graduate employee reviews

- Experience in completely different areas across the company - Responsibility - Great working environment and culture- Sometimes very heavy workload - Not getting enough time to really add value in a role before you have to rotate
Management Trainee, Market Insights at L'Oreal
The rotation scheme and that I will get a comprehensive overview of L'Oreal before going operational.The organised chaos and that my division lacks planning ahead effectively.
Marketing Management Trainee, Market at L'Oreal
You get a fantastic variety of experience on the L'Oreal Grad Scheme. You can work with lots of different brands which operate in different environments e.g. luxury Department Stores, supermarkets, hair salons. All the brands are really interesting and have their own identity. Customers have a real emotional connection with them which marketing drives. You also gets lots of responsibility and the chance to have a real impact. It's a young company and it feels like anyone can make a contribution to the business, it doesn't just depend on age or superiority. The most important thing though is the people. It's great to work around so many inspiring individuals with drive and ambition. Obviously the product discounts are also very good! You move jobs every 4 months so it can be a bit hard to feel settled. But on the flipside this also means you get a greater breadth of experience.
Management Trainee, Marketing at L'Oreal
The industry, brand and products. The graduate scheme - 3 rotations in 3 different departments and divisions over one year.Location: Hammersmith. Pay isn't the best. Very competitive.
Marketing Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
Flexibility of rotations to see different parts of the business The people Sociable environmentRotations are only four months long, once you feel you have an understanding and are good at the job you have to move on.
Category management graduate , Category management at L'Oreal
L'Oreal gives unparalleled responsibility to graduates and with this real opportunities to impact the business in a meaningful way. You get great exposure to senior management from the start. The work is incredibly varied and interesting, with the opportunity to have a say in your work and take projects further.There is a real expectation to perform from the start, and the pressure can be tough for some. It is a steep learning curve if you are not willing to dedicate the time into improving your knowledge and abilities.
Management Trainee, Marketing at L'Oreal
Great place of work that is fast paced but supportive in your career development.
Commercial Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
- The level of responsibility given within more junior positions - The supportive culture - everyone is willing to help you regardless of position and role - The range of categories, products and brands - your career progression is varied across all of them - The benefits - flexible working, staff shop, team away days - The lack of processes when completing certain tasks - Inductions into new roles are often quite delayed from when you start, therefore it is sometimes hard to hit the ground running with little information
Management Trainee, Consumer Market Insights at L'Oreal
At L'Oreal, it really is all about the people! The social and friendly atmosphere is conducive to widening your network and building relationships, which more often than not span beyond the office walls and working hours. The rotational aspect of the grad scheme allows for broad learning and heightens the experience you get from it. This often leads to a very fast pace, which keeps the work interesting and fun! The level of support at L'Oreal is unprecedented. From HR sponsors, graduate coordinators and tentative line managers to a close-nit support group from other grads, there is always someone to help you with questions and queries. There is a level of uncertainty which comes with rotating. Grads rarely know where their next rotation will be until a week or so before. Grads also have little say in this decision. However, the HR team have regular catch-ups with all the grads so they are aware of who would like to go where and who would be the best fit. The fast pace can also lead to high stress levels. Managing work complexity and the stress which may accompany has been one of my greatest challenges so far, but I am confident this is a highly beneficial lesson to learn early on in your career.
Management Trainee, London at L'Oreal
Opportunity for extreme amounts of responsibility helping to shape the strategy of a global brand. Young company with lots of networking opportunities and social mingling. Fast and international progression. Poor work-life balance; not the best office facilities or location.
Marketing Management Trainee, at L'Oreal