Best and Worst Things About L'Oreal

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at L'Oreal - all the information is taken directly from L'Oreal graduate employee reviews

People - dynamic, passionate, social Opportunity - Global, rapid advancement, fantastic training opportunities at all levels of the company, Management Trainee Scheme means you spend 4 months each in 3 different areas of the business which gives a great understanding of the company as a whole and allows you to find where your best skills lie. Projects - working on globally recognised brands with substantial media budgets not only allows you to exercise great creativity but means that the output of your efforts is highly visible be that on TV, instore or online. Autonomy - From day 1 if you prove yourself you are given the opportunity to take the lead on big projects which allows you to develop your skills and experience at a terrific paceSize - L'Oreal is a huge company encompassing many different brands, the amount of opportunity this gives is unprecedented but it also means that there is always more that you could be involved in and more that you could deliver. Of course, this is only a negative if you let it be.
Management Trainee, Hair Colourants at L'Oreal
The peopleChange management
Supply Planner, Supply Chain at L'Oreal
The People! Exciting brands! The culture!Lots of meetings!
Management Trainee, at L'Oreal
Absolutely the people. The opportunity to network and build a network of relationships throughout the business. There is often a lot of admin (which can seem/is unnecessary).
Management Trainee , Management Trainee at L'Oreal
The people are brilliant. You're immediately made to feel very welcome in your team. The atmosphere is busy but not intimidating and you are entrusted with big repsonsibilities very early on in your career.As the company has such a sociable and lively atmosphere, you can occasionally forget you are around co-workers, managers etc - so it is often necessary to take a step back and ensure that professionalism is maintained. A slight double-edged sword!
Management Trainee, Sales Grad at L'Oreal
The environment at L'Oreal is brilliant. A very young, friendly and enjoyable organisation. The occasional long hours, but that is expected, and it is never without purpose.
at L'Oreal
- The people - Challenging which means development is continuous - Exposure to different divisions during grad rotations - High pressure due to often tight deadlines - Long hours due to the high volume of work
Assistant Category Manager, Retail & Category Development at L'Oreal
The people and team spirit - everyone is so like-minded and the social side of my job is really the biggest thing that sets it apart from other companies.Sometimes you can be under a lot of pressure with deadlines and working late, but the people around you always get you through it!
Assistant Product Manager, Matrix at L'Oreal
- rewarding atmosphere - team spirit/activities - product efficacy, attributes, diversity of brands - exciting campaigns - staff benefits - competitive salary- office size/clutter sometimes - France has quite a big impact on our day to day operations
Digital Marketing Trainee, at L'Oreal
- Fun, social working environment - Plentiful opportunities and events to network with other employees. - Multi-national company that stands out on a CV - Subsidised canteen and coffee bar - Good discounts and benefits program- Can sometimes feel that marketing is superior to other teams within the company
Management Trainee, Supply Chain at L'Oreal