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Regional Category Manager, Procurement at GlaxoSmithKline

Application Advice: If you want a place where you can grow and learn and develop, apply. If you want a place where you will be pushed to your breaking point and challenged, then I would suggest applying to a bank as GSK is an amazing place to work, but quite soft and not right for everyone.

Interview Advice: Remember to include everyone in the team activities - 'what do you think' etc. It is all about striking the right balance between being confident and being cocky.

Industry: Media Production

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Telegraph Media Group

Commercial Video Intern, Commercial Video Production at Telegraph Media Group

Application Advice: Be yourself, make sure your best attributes shine through but also your enthusiasm. Your CV and cover letter should be unique and engaging so don't always do the same thing. Take an active interest in the company your applying for, the shows they make, the kind of thing they produce and it will show in your application.

Industry: Arts & Media, Media Production

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